About Us

Established in 1997, Charter Hero Enterprises Limited originally manufactured OEM lamp products for overseas customers out of our factory facilities located in Jiangmen, China. In the past 11 years, on top of making products on an OEM basis, we have moved to develop items of our own, from wooden table lamps to other novelty lamps, as well as contemporary lamp items. Over the years, we have always been emphasizing our services on reliable product quality and prompt delivery. Our goal of always striving for quality assurance to our customers evidenced by our factory recently being ISO9001:2000 certified.

As our main products are exported to Japan, Europe, North and South America, international product safety standard are met. We always focus our attention on stringent QC procedures on each product?s production as well as cost-saving in material preparations. Currently, with a combined 4,000 plus square meters production facility, we are looking at further expansion in the very near future to meet continuous growth of customer demand.

We welcome custom designs from you and will always work closely to develop products according to your demand. Please check out our product range and give us your ideas of related lamp items of your own design.